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This blog is written by myself, and it is something I have been working on for a while now. I am a Licensed psychotherapist, and my work has been pretty broad in terms of the clients I have worked with and the issues that I have confronted with my clients. I have worked with adolescents in group home settings, schools, and youth shelters. I have also spent a great deal of time working with women who are sexual abuse survivors, victims of domestic violence and abuse, and adult victims of child abuse. In my contracting work, I do a lot of marriage and relationships counseling, as well as individual work focused on building self-esteem and healthy relationships both in or outside of romantic boundaries. I’ve worked with military families, hospice patients, people from different class stratifications, different political spectrums, and different countries and cultures. My focus with this blog is going to be bringing my clinical knowledge and experience to a broader audience. I find that despite our culture’s efforts to reduce the stigma of seeking therapy, there remains a resistance to attending therapy, along with all of the practical barriers to access that make traditional therapy unattainable for many. As I will be writing about a broad range of topics, this information is not intended to treat, diagnose, or prevent any mental health condition. This is simply my venue to put forth some of the work that I do every day with my clients, and bring it to a more accessible format so that anyone can benefit from the information. I hope that some of the information I put out will help my readers to think critically about their own thoughts, feelings, opinions, relationships, and goals, and perhaps provide some insight and motivation to those readers. I don’t claim to be the definitive source of all problem solving, but I do think that what I have to offer can be helpful to some of my readers, and I hope that all readers can take something positive from the blog.

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Rachel Mullins, LCSW

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